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Product Name Description
Anodes for Cathodic Protection All type of MMO coated / Platinised Titanium & Niobium anodes for ICCP.
Chloro-Sanitizer Generators. Production of Sodium Hypochlorite for Sanitation / Water treatment.
Dimensionally Stable Anodes 1. Platinum plated exotic metal anodes for different electrochemical application.
2. MMO Coated exotic metal anodes for different electrochemical application.
Electro Chlorination Unit [ECU] Electro Chlorination / Water treatment
Electrolytic Effluent/Sewage Treatment Plants Electrolytic Sewage and Effluent Treatment / Water treatment.
Electrolytic Scale Remover [ElSr] Electrolytic Separation and Removal of Scale from water / Water treatment.
Electrolyzers for Chlor-Alkali Plants Anodes, Cathodes and Membrane cell - both new, repair and refurbishment.
Electrolyzers for Electro Chlorinators PPE, CTE, PPME, CTR based electrolyzers for electro chlorination plants.
Equipments Chemical process equipments from Exotic metals.
HOCl Generator [SwaetGen] Electrolytic generation of Hypochlorous Acid for Sensitization / Water treatment.
Oxy Hydrogen Generator [HHO]. Producing HHO from Distilled water and used as supplementary fuel and cleaning historical carbon at various moving vehicles, Gen SET, etc. as a carbon cleaner.
TCLOR Portable, Desk-Top, In-Situ USB based Sanitizer (HOCl) generator.
Turnkey Projects Turnkey projects for electro-Chemical production of organic and inorganic compounds.

Territory/Area of Interest

Territory/Area of Interest