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Product Name Description
Anodes for Cathodic Protection All type of MMO coated / Platinised Titanium & Niobium anodes for ICCP.
Chloro-Sanitizer Generators. It is the Mixed Oxidant Sanitizer Generator to use as sanitizer for protecting the bacteria from infection of human body.
Dimensionally Stable Anodes 1.Platinum plated exotic metal anodes for different electrochemical application.
2.MMO Coated exotic metal anodes for different electrochemical application.
Electro Chlorination Units [ECU] This is for disinfecting of drinking water, Brine Chlorination & Sea water Applications.
Electrolytic Effluent/Sewage Treatment Plants Treating waste water of Various Industries and Sewage Treatment for various domestic and commercial apartments.
Electrolyzers for Chlor-Alkali Plants Anodes, Cathodes & assembled electrolyzers- both new and or repair and refurbishment.
Electrolyzers for Electro Chlorinators PPE, CTE , PPME, CTR based electrolyzers for electro chlorination plants.
Equipments Pressure vessels, Heat Exchangers Pumps, Valves and machined components out of exotic metals.
HOCL Generators Hypochlorous Acidic water (Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water) is the strong disinfectant to use as Sanitizer, Floor
Cleaning, Vegetables/meat cleaning, hospitals tools disinfection, etc.
Oxy Hydrogen Generation Plants [HHO] Producing HHO from Distilled water and used as supplementary fuel and cleaning historical carbon at
various moving vehicles, Gen SET, etc. as a carbon cleaner.
Self-Cleaning Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Rem ElSr to increase or maintain COC, Approach Value, Life of Membrane and reducing the blow down &
Reject water, electricity, etc. in Cooling Tower/RO/HV AC Applications.
Travel-Chlor It is a Handy Sanitizer and DC Power/battery operated Instant sanitizer
Turnkey Projects Turnkey Projects for electro-Chemical production of organic and inorganic compounds.

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Territory/Area of Interest