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Range of Products

Product Name Description
Sanitation Plants 1. Electro Chlorination Unit [ECU].
2. Electrolytic Scale Removing Plant [ElSr].
3. Electrolytic Effluent/Sewage Treatment Plant [e-STP / e-ETP].
4. Oxy Hydrogen Generation Plant [HHO].
5. Chloro-Sanitizer Generator.
6. HOCL Generator.
Electrolyzers for Electro Chlorinators PPE, CTE, PPME, CTR based electrolyzers for electro chlorination plants.
Electrolyzers for Chlor-Alkali Plants Anodes, Cathodes & assembled electrolyzers - both new and or repair and refurbishment.
Anodes for Cathodic Protection All type of MMO coated / Platinised Titanium & Niobium anodes for ICCP.
Dimensionally Stable Anode 1. Platinum plated exotic metal anodes for different electrochemical application.
2. MMO Coated exotic metal anodes for different electrochemical application.
Equipment Pressure vessels, Heat Exchangers Pumps, Valves and machined components out of Exotic metals.
Turnkey Projects Turnkey projects for electro-Chemical production of organic and inorganic compounds.

Territory/Area of Interest

Territory/Area of Interest